My experiences are broad. I find satisfaction inspiring others & sharing my passions.

Having spent years working in start-ups, I’ve done it all. Retail, quality assurance, graphic design, marketing, management, pricing & procurement, balancing the books, or even sweeping the floor. Nothing stops me from doing what I love.


  • Strong verbal & written communications
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, & Lightroom
  • Apple iWork & Microsoft Office
  • Leadership & direction, comfortable facing challenges
  • Mandarin Chinese, business proficient
  • Web & social media, English & Chinese
  • Relationship building, affable & outgoing
  • Bootstrapping, experienced in start-up environments
  • Photography & photo editing
  • Content planning, creation, & management
  • Creating proposals & negotiating
  • Retail, face-to-face customer interaction
  • Physically fit & licensed motorist

Owner, Operations, & Marketing
June 2012 to July 2018

  • Business planning, strategy, and launch
  • Sold over 100 bikes annually
  • Grew median bicycle sale price, from $365 to $730
  • Manufacturer communications and procurement
  • Staffing and managing agile team, using Mandarin & English
  • Developed and launched custom CRM system, securing shop membership program enrollment of 90% of new customers
  • Oversaw social media, attracted over 5000 unique followers
  • Cross platform content planning and strategy
  • Content creation (copy writing, translation, photography, editing & layout)
  • Product design and manufacturer sourcing
  • Bulk pricing and proposals
  • Customer service, individual and B2B clients
  • Creating & managing service procedure
  • Threat analysis and trends research
  • Community development
  • Event planning and execution, over 300 regular open invitation rides, races, workshops & social events.

Owner, Product development, & Marketing
Source Cycles
April 2013 to July 2018

  • Materials research, bamboo, epoxy resins & natural substrate fabrics
  • Construction methods & tooling
  • Marketing strategy, marrying bamboo bicycles’ sustainable image with utilitarian and elegant branding
  • Sourcing parts and materials manufacturers, using Mandarin
  • Researching, developing, & building start-to-finish production facility, including materials treatment, jigging, finishing, painting, & bicycle assembly
  • Communications with individual & B2B clients

Consultant & Guide
Extravagant Yak, Serk, & freelance
October 2015 to November 2018

  • Tour pricing, planning, and scheduling
  • Client communications, proposals, and invoicing
  • Managed guides, drivers, and coordinated with independent partners
  • On-the-fly plan adjustments and execution
  • Crisis management

Graphic design
June 2012 to Present

  • Client consultation, proposal, and pricing
  • Production scheduling, including moodboarding, sketching, sample pieces, and finalization
  • Design packaging, delivery, and follow-up

Business English
Tencent, CREEC (China Rail)
September 2015 to December 2018

  • Planned and prepared multi-segment English lesson
  • Instructed groups of 15 to 30, advanced English speaking Chinese
  • Materials were industry relative, including applied engineering, cultural communication differences, and trending technologies