There’s a number of ways you could describe Natooke. On the surface, it was a bicycle shop and repair stand. It was also a stage for social activity, a community hub and educational facilitator. Most importantly, the shop was an agency for cycling advocacy and promotion. Operating successfully for just over five years, Natooke became a fixture in its community. The shop provided sales and service, hosted a regular free events, and consulted with customers and B2B clients. At the forefront of engaging others with bicycling, Natooke was profitable from launch and doubled revenue over five years.

My primary mode of marketing was community building, development and outreach. In order to build community, Natooke made it a priority to host nearly weekly events, including free maintenance workshops, promotions and customer appreciation events.

We also hosted regular rides and races of varying difficulty. This created engagement with new and experienced bicycle enthusiasts alike. More importantly, we made events a team effort. We required staff involvement in event ideation, planning, coordination and promotion.

Natooke placed heavy emphasis on the customer experience. I aimed to make customer service as consistent as possible by systematizing operations. I also designed and launched a customer membership platform. This platform offered special service pricing, discounts and member’s only products. The program was multi-tiered, offering differing pricing schemes for accessibility. The branding and functions of the membership platform successfully reinforced a sense of inclusion and encouraged repeat business.