Friday Night Ride

This ride was a key component of Natooke’s success. Hosted bi-weekly, the ride attracted thousands of unique attendants. Over 200 rides later, the FNR left an indelible mark, and created an enormous, diverse community.

Over the years, the FNR developed a strong reputation for the quality of the event organization and its dependably large attendance. As a result, I engaged in several collaborations with other area businesses, including Niccolo Hotel, The Temple House, Iron Pig BBQ, The Range Bar & Grill, Hugo’s Brewpub, Munchwich and more.

Per event we would negotiate a fixed fee for event coordination, as well as arrange profit sharing. For special collaborate events, the FNR employed several unique themes to bolster event attendance. These special rides related to holidays, like Christmas or Halloween, and other popular references, such as pandas and Star Wars.